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Denise Moore was in her 50s, a network and systems administrator at a large tech company, and self-described as “healthy”. “I would go to my doctor for the usual stuff, my yearly physical, blood work, etc. I’d never had any health problems, and I didn’t have any reason to believe I would”. It was a routine physical that would not only reshape her opinion of her health, but also save her life. “My primary doctor at the time noticed something on my mammogram that seemed suspicious and had me go through a different scan. That’s how I discovered I had breast cancer”.

Dr. Adam Schulte

The events that followed were a blur: consultations with specialists and surgeons, bloodwork, scans, biopsies, and – ultimately – a radical breast surgery. “It was a difficult time filled with difficult decisions, but it was also a wake-up call for me. I realized I had this expectation that my health would always be there, that it would just come to me, rather than pursuing it and making actionable changes in my life to maximize it. During the rehab process following my surgery, I changed my approach to everything: my eating habits, my sleeping habits, and especially my exercise habits. These changes are inarguably what helped my recovery the most.”

With this newfound proactive approach, Denise realized that the current state of healthcare wasn’t equipped to guide her in these new lifestyle changes. “I loved my previous doctor, but there was one big problem: it was so difficult to get an appointment. That seems to be the case with just about every doctor, you have to wait 2-3 weeks or longer just to see them” It was Dr. Schulte’s unique practice model and redefinition of healthcare that drew Denise’s attention. “The Drop-In Doc is everything I was looking for: a doctor who could take care of all my specific medical needs and also placed greater importance on what I was already doing to maximize my health. Now, I not only have a doctor. I have a coach, a teacher, and an advocate. I can talk to him about my workouts, my dietary plan, and my goals, and he understands all of it. He’s available any day, at any time, and is never rushed. I even work out with him on Saturdays!”

Denise’s story is one of many just like it. Countless others motivated to make similar changes in their lives are finding that The Drop-In Doc is the resource they need to meet their goals, manage their care, and live longer, more satisfying lives. We are proud to represent individuals like Denise and aspire to be the official healthcare center for anyone with the goal of redefining healthcare.