Regenerative Medicine

As the name implies, Regenerative Medicine is a field of study that utilizes the natural healing mechanisms of the body to repair injuries, and we’re constantly learning more about it every day.

At the Drop-In Doc, these sorts of treatments can easily and safely be done in an office-based setting: no anesthesia, no missed time from work, no long rehab periods.

Dr. Schulte received training from world-renowned Regenerative Medicine specialist Dr. Steven Sampson of The Orthohealing Center in Los Angeles, and was the first medical student Dr. Sampson ever had rotate through his clinic.

Dr. Schulte strongly believes that channeling the innate healing properties of the body are far more effective and have far less long-term complications than surgical repair.

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  • Platelet-Rich Plasma
  • Lipoaspirate/Mesenchymal cell
  • Alpha-2-macroglobulin