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Dr. Adam Schulte

D.O., CF-L2, Founder

Dr. Adam Schulte

My story begins like many of yours. In 2011, I found a gym community that was warm and welcoming, and instantly became immersed. The workouts were my daily challenge, and allowed me to put on the proverbial cleats that I had hung up 20-something years ago. The more I became involved, the more I fell in love with community. The support and camaraderie offered to everyone across all skill levels and backgrounds led to some of the most astonishing transformative changes I had ever seen.

However, in becoming a physician, I was given views through both sides of the same lens. Whereas I was witness to hundreds of individuals pursuing actionable changes to their fitness within our gym community, the world of traditional medicine offered a bleak and stark contrast. Doctors pressed for time to deliver meaningful care to an increasingly disinterested patient population that acquiesced to having pills thrown at their problems, and a third party payer system (insurance) that incentivized this exchange, revealed that what physicians currently practice isn’t healthcare, it’s sickness-care. It’s a stall, a maintenance of a slow, deteriorative downward spiral that no one seems motivated to stop. It was everything opposite of what my medical training instilled, and I knew I couldn't continue to spend the rest of my career this way. I couldn't continue to work in a system designed to fail. That's why I founded The Drop-In Doc.

I am first and foremost a patient advocate, but for these reasons, when it comes to my patient athletes, I’m a fierce advocate. There is no patient population with greater needs than those who are trying to achieve meaningful and long-lasting health and wellness through lifestyle changes. There is no greater incentive for me than to supply these motivated individuals with the tools and guidance necessary to achieve their specific goals. I’m not just some doctor, I’m your doctor. I’m your guidance counselor, I’m your teacher, and I’m your coach. I’m not beholden to insurance companies, or hospital boards, or administrative bureaucracies. Just you. And we’ll do this together.