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Our Philosophy

This is a story about a clinic built by the community, for the community. About a worldwide movement defying limitations and misperceptions. About average Joes and Janes becoming modern day warriors of mind, body, and spirit. Our story is about strength in numbers.

All of us here today have reluctantly come to accept that the doctor’s office is only for the sick, broken, and dying, and the healthcare industry has molded itself to be just that. The downstream bias toward treatment of one’s ails with medication and surgery has created a vast landscape of hopelessness and acquiescence, convincing many that “it’s as good as it’s going to get”.

Meanwhile, in every corner of the globe, people were gathering in inconspicuous warehouses, running jumping climbing lifting pushing pulling and celebrating each other’s achievements. Quietly-yet-in-plain-sight, pockets of communities were regularly defying what traditional “health”care said was possible: Grandparents lifting twice their bodyweight. Obese and overweight individuals finding accountability and inner strength. The chronically ill shedding medications while shedding pounds. Former athletes who thought their best days behind them, now finding a new arena of competition.

We discovered not only hope for ourselves, but hope for healthcare, and we created a clinic right where these people go every day. On the shoulders of these communities is where we will not only change healthcare, but redefine it. Their gyms will be transformed into healthcare centers, and the doctors guiding them can finally begin to practice medicine as it should be - managing health, not sickness.